At first there is the right strategy! We are able to develop concrete useful ideas and necessary actions with our expirienced Business Consultants.

Digitalization - change management effiently

  • We are all challenge because of the massive changes coming along with the digitalization in processes..
  • RC has consultants which are able to understand your business needs and provide good solutions solving them efficiently with you.
  • Our retail focus is Omnichannel - especially "digital store".

Higher revenue by managing conditions better

  • We support you in our yearly meetings with forecast simulations of agreements.​.
  • An optimized conditions management helps you to negotiate your need with your supplier better​.​​
  • Our Business Consultants have knowledgevof purchasing processes. They will help you to start right and get the right view of your needs​.

    Get informed by our sub sidiary

Flexible IT-Architecture

  • Because of higher requierement the complexity of IT is growing.
  • New Applications have to be integrated out of the cloud, old one needed to be shut down. We help you to finde the right way. Which Systems are working on premise, which are cloud based, which are able to run in hybrid scenarios? How to integrate the system components? Do they need an own ESB-Bus, or is a HANA-Database able to take over in combination whith HCI? We will answer these questions in order to your strategy an situation.​
  • With our special consultancy approach for future technologies we will develope your upcoming flexible IT-Architecture.

Cyber Risks

  • IT-Security is more and more important in businesses. Unfortunately it does not get that much attention as needed.
  • We are a certified partner for you! With our competence and tools we provide methodics of risk assessment (incl. penetrations tests), Digital Forensics und Datasecurity. We know as well the about the hazards of Social Engineering!

    Digital Security is a topic of our subsidiary company




Competence and Solutions as an Accelerator
for your Business.


Strategischer Einkauf

Purchasing Departement

Interested in high
benefits in your purchasing departement?

Strategic purchasing departement

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Optimization and Consulting.

Business Consulting

Enterprise Architektur

Enterprise Architecture

Flexible IT Architecture with our Best Practices.

Enterprise Architecture

Security Excellence

Security Excellence

ALL Secure in One!

Security Excellence



The RealCore Group understands its location as a strategic proximity to its customers. We are seeking for a high service level in areas of our sites. Our Factory-models, which are present locaton wide, enable an onsite presence if needed. We are looking forward to welcome you in one of our many national and international locations!


Essen is the first and at the same time the biggest location of RealCore Group. In our Headquarter offices we gather a big part of our management. The centralized Sales and the whole administration takes its action from here. Our RealShore Factory oparates as well out of HQ. Our Factory employees take care of our customers remotely. The coordination of our national and international RealShore companies is happening in our HQ.

ETEC (Essener Technologie- und Entwicklungs-Centrum)
Kruppstrasse 82-100
45145 Essen
Telefon +49 201 486 399 10
Telefax +49 201 486 399 18 Contact us


This locato is a project office to serve our clients in the north of Germany.

Valentinskamp 24
20354 Hamburg
Telefon +49 201 486 399 40
Telefax +49 201 486 399 29 Contact us


This location startet as an project based office and is now the 2nd larges office in the RC Group. There is even a 2nd RealShore location where you have the opportunity to make an apprenticeship in Computer science.

Thaddenstraße 14
69469 Weinheim
Telefon +49 201 486 399 40
Telefax +49 201 486 399 29 Contact us


This one started as well as a project office and there is also a part of our management. Our project managers are mostly in here.

Service Inn II
Nell-Breuning-Allee 10
66115 Saarbrücken
Telefon +49 201 486 399 40
Telefax +49 201 486 399 29 Contact us


Ausgsburg is our competence center for Business Security. It is also our 3rd management location. We would like to provide the oportunity of an apprentice ship at this location as well.

Gebäude 9
Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 6
86159 Augsburg
Telefon +49 201 486 399 40
Telefax +49 201 486 399 29 Contact us


Istanbul is the biggest office of RealCore group despite our HQ. Here we are located to continue the RealCore quality in and around Turkey.

Reşitpaşa mahallesi
eski büyükdere caddesi
no:14/3 Sarıyer/Istanbul
Telefon +90 212 442 61 74
Telefax +90 850 220 0451
Contact us